Tuesday, May 8, 2007

El Radio

There was once in my life where I was infatuated with Cooper Black. Used it for school. Used it for my personal projects as well. This was a flyer for a small music distro I made. I was annoyed that not many people were bringing in good heavy stuff. Or good stuff for that matter. It was a pretty cool idea to deal with music releases I love and share it with friends and like minded people. And it also gave me a reason to make flyers. So I used whatever money I had and did it on my own. It survived only 2 shipments, before school finally beckoned.
The art direction taken was a light hearted one. 'Heavy' music is always synonymous with blood splatters and broken fonts, don't get me wrong I love them gritty looks if done tastefully, but I'm sure there's another way to approach it right? And since it was my distro, I get to do it how I want it to be. And that I must say, is quite punk rock.

*Click on it to see the selection I brought. I might have some leftover copies, so drop me a note and inquire.


dahyat said...

I like this.

Anonymous said...

i replied.


btw, how did you came across my blog? from fang?

Anonymous said...

your stuff is neat. have we met somewhere or are just like any other random blog surfers? but again i must say, amazing work.

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