Saturday, May 5, 2007

Esmond & Sue.

Realised that this space is becoming a little too sterile with all the grayscale images. I've decided to put some colours in it. Just some. This poster series was done as a request from Esmond. He was asking his friends to do posters for his wedding, sort of a rock poster series. I can't remember the exact size of this, its probably A1 or A2. I thought'd it'd be sweet if I did 2 posters, one for Esmond and one for Sue (his lovely wife, who's expecting soon =) and did it as such that if they were put next to eat other, it'd look like a set. You know, couples and all. It was nice of Esmond to have thought of me to contribute to his special day. And yes Esmond, your pictures are still with me.

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shannon said...

oh my gosh, it's my brother! and sue! i didn't know you were friends with him.. this is such a small small world. did i meet you at the wedding?