Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Mailer Aligator.

I got shortlisted for a 2nd interview at Trine and was required to do a mailer for an upcoming travel themed magazine and they're looking for reader submissions, tickets, photographs, etc. Required items include packaging to hold a sketchbook, a CD, and a return envelope for the readers' contributions. These are some of the stuff I did. This is gonna be a long entry, so bear with me. And yea, click to enlarge.

Many ideas came up while brainstorming the execution of this project. I wanted to stay away form the common cliches of travel / holidays that come in packages of postcards, stamped envelopes, etc. Packaging plays a huge role in deciding the art direction, so the idea of passport bags that come with various pockets came to mind. The required items were fulfilled as such:

The sketchbook comes in the form of a passport. A logo was created to fit in the regalia approach found in most international passports. The images that follow the logo are the pages inside the 'passport'.

Return envelope.
The return envelope comes in the form of the boarding pass holder and the boarding pass itself. The boarding pass acts as a form where submittors could fill in their personal info and details for submission, etc. which would be inserted in the envelope along with their contributions. The stub could be kept for future references.

CD-Rom to be included inside the mailer.

Boarding passes and passport layouts were referenced from actual passports and boarding passes, images used in the passport regalia logo were collaged from images I've gotten from Heraldic Designs for Artists and Craftspeople - John M. Bergling The Tonicwas provided by Trine.


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