Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Pinholes Acoustic Sessions.

From the top:
i. Rough imagery for poster / CD / packaging
ii. CD Cover
iii. Sleeve
iv. Sticker given in every packaging

Last Thursday and Friday nights were spent crafting The Pinholes' new release to be sold in the Lime Juice music festical thingy. The images here are just the graphical content I did for Ghosts On Radar. Would post the actual packaging photos once I've gotten the time (going to start work. again. tomorrow. urgh). Anyways you could get the Pinholes Acoustic Sessions at Straits Records.

On a side note, Russia lost to Israel? That's fucked up. Hiddink has been going on and on about building a good team and now he has fucked it up and England has a chance to qualify. Hold on to your horses, they might just make a DVD about their triumphant entry to the Euros. ( Remember the DVD they made about the friendly win over Germany? Urgh. )

My heart goes to Scotland. They deserve the chance. Even a DVD to their name.

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that looks sweet!