Friday, February 8, 2008

The Little Black Book

I started the day flipping at the considerations being made by the English F.A regarding Premiership matches being played overseas. By overseas i mean Dubai, China, Singapore, etc. It's ludicrous isn't it? So i released my disgust on Sparkle's blog.

It's the festive season and i spent my holidays mostly at home. Caught Juno last night, and it was really nice. Had a wonderful soundtrack as well. Today was spent finishing up on the flyer above which is an exhibition my mate and I are doing on 1st March. Do drop by if you can. Below's a small write up.

Founded on the poems of Razi Razak and art directed by Djohan Johari, My Little Black Book is a typographic showcase that observes words as a channel of solace in a constantly shaping environment.
Words are commonly used as either an introverted channel or one of liberty. Regardless of its form or function, its depiction is universal. Interpreted in this showcase is the integration of prose in an urban context.

Have a good weekend folks.

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Tanya said...

Hello. You left me a comment on my blog in November, hahaha and well, I just read it. Im a couple of mths late. Hi.