Monday, March 17, 2008

Your Heroes Were Ghosts

This shots are long overdue. Little shots of the degree show I had last year. Scroll down or click here to see the poster I did with the help of some mates. There seems to be an overflow of items posted today. Catching up with time lost perhaps. Clearing the table to make way for the new. Will post pictures of the exhibition I just had with my mate soon.

Anyone got the new NIN release? It comes with 4 parts. You could download part 1 for free at their site. The downloaded package comes with a PDF of the sleeve and also wallpaper for your comp. Nice photographs in there.

* The last picture is the namecard I did for the show. I made a rubber stamp with my contact details, and left a stack of empty cards at my display, so you know, if people are interested, they'd make their own card.

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