Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Built On Miles Of Hope.

Good day folks. Hope everything's working out for great for y'all. Some updates on my end.
I've been fortunate to work on Amateur Take Control's new CD single, 'Built On Miles Of Hope'. The guys are releasing it this Friday, 18th April 2008 at the Scape Lab, alongside my mate Heypowerpopstar, who's releasing his graphic design book / journal. I've been given this oppurtunity to work on the band's packaging, merchandise, promotional material and it's the most fun i've had since Sunday soccer.

A blog has also been set up to document the activities leading up to the launch and we've been updating it regularly. Too regularly in fact. Visit us at here. Meanwhile, here are some pics.

From top to bottom.
a. Flyers
b. Packaging prototype
c. T-shirt variations.

Once again, drop by Built On Miles Of Hope for merchandise sales and info/updates for the launch. These folks are raising funds for their upcoming full-length, so the proceeds from ticket sales and merch will be used to fund their new release. My mate will be contributing works for the cause as well.

These blokes have something good going on for them and it'd be really great if we could do a part in supporting them. It's about time that support is being given to the right people.

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