Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Blast from the past.

Good day folks.
My body clock's really screwed up. I sleep in the mornings only to get up in the afternoons. I don't really enjoy this habit. But it ought to come in handy for tomorrow's match. Come on United. Just one more game.

Been working on the Mono promotional material, and also compiling stuff for Villains. Those 2 things have been keeping me occupied. Finished my illustration gig for The Peak magazine last week, it's going to be used in the June issue. Quite excited for that. My first illustration in an editorial. May the numbers only rise.

As the title of this entry suggests, the 2 works featured above were some of the early stuff I did. I don't know where the soft copy is, probably in my old pc. These 2 works probably got me more interested in working with graphics in music. The first one's a promo poster for a metal band my good mates had, Dyfectra. I sort of helped them release their stuff under my bedroom label El Radio. We also hand crafted the CD packaging. I had a great time doing it. Damn I should put all these stuff up. This was done in 2003.

Next up is a promo poster for My Squared Circle, a band which I liked a lot but didn't manage to keep themselves together. They broke up soon after this release, which was a pity. This was released under Straits Records. Am pretty happy with how the CD turned out. Also did tour posters and merchandise. I'm happy with the vibe this poster had but the typo in the CD inlay is much more flattering. Dammit I really should get pictures of these stuff taken.

More blasts soon.

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