Friday, June 13, 2008

I Am David Sparkle
'This Is The New' CD Packaging.

Finally got shots of I Am David Sparkle's 'This Is The New' release (Thank you again Roanne for lending me your camera!). I figured it'd be cool to provide an interactive environment for the listener, from the folding out of the folds to find phrases, to means and ways of undoing the stitches on the CD pocket to access the music. The band sees themselves as a narrative channel that goes beyond the music. Hopefully the CD provides this avenue that carries the stimulation into sight and sound to simulate an environment for the story the band is telling.

The graphics used was adapted from works I did for school. My fascination of words, in its function i.e. to relay thought and emotions we have and it’s form i.e. placements and treatments in a given space, spearheaded the project. I was messing around with some illustration techniques and it turned out pretty sweet by chance. It portrays a sterile / synthetic environment narrated by thoughts we have in our head, but not necessarily communicated to others around us.

Drop shadows,
Not pills.


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eduardo omine said...

This is certainly the most unique CD package I've seen; and the music is great too.