Sunday, June 29, 2008

Walk In Fire.

Spent most of my weekend finishing up on the poster for the Envy show. Sourced out for royalty free images and finally got a decent medical and anatomical one from Page One.
I thought about what comes to mind when one is envious. I did a digital collage of what I thought manifested the darker side of envy, with the anatomy shown acting as the tools that could be used to trigger or manifest emotions associated with the subject at hand. The eye for sight, the ear for hearing and the mouth. More exact would be the tongue, but was worried it'd turn out more grotesque then it should. I'm thinking of changing the details at the bottom. We'll see how it goes, what not with the placements of logos, etc.

Have a good day.
Drop shadows,
Not feelings.

Djohan You! Black Emperor.

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