Saturday, February 12, 2011

Unvisual - Stickers

Unvisual is a crazy-assed band that went on a hiatus for a couple of years. They're back practicing and have started playing shows again. It'd be cool to do some artwork for them, so i volunteered to do some stuff.
Mr Ibrahim and I worked closely in the art direction and it's been a positive challenge, understanding and executing the cool ideas he had in the direction of the band's vision. The first 3 pictures above were drafts of the sticker series idea Mr Ibrahim came up with, which was cutting up and messing with the placements of the visuals we had for the t-shirt. The following pictures were shots of the final stickers and its compilation in a package. They will be on sale at the JB show today.

Do drop by to check them out. Follow them on Facebook for updates on their progress, shows, etc. Click here to view the design for their shirt.

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