Saturday, November 26, 2011


We were in Akihabara for our last show in Japan, and after our sound check some of us went to walk around. We got separated in a mall and I decided to venture out on my own. Also realized that I didn't enjoy being surrounded, or being in shopping centers much. Maybe it was due to the preference I had to the street level shops in Shin-Osaka and Harajuku, or maybe it was an accumulated feeling of disliking the malls here in Singapore.
Was roaming the streets near to our venue, and thought that this solitary bicycle in a carpark or something, would make a cool pic. Set the camera on timer, and placed it on a curb. A Japanese lady confronted me after I was done. Didn't understand a word she was saying, and I had to explain that I was from Singapore, telling her what i was doing, etc. But I'm not sure if she understood what I was saying. I even thought of just making a dash for it. But that'd make me look damn dodgy and if she were to make a fuss I'd probably be stopped by other people and it'd be super annoying being questioned in a language I do not understand. But only later on did she did say something in English, which sorts of sums up the confusion and miscommunication we had earlier, which led me to apologize and leave.

'I own this building'.

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