Thursday, November 24, 2011


We left for Shin-Osaka after 2 days in Tokyo. The train tickets were really pricy, but we had a good time. Played at a basement show, something which we have grown to love. We stayed pretty close to the show venue, which was refreshing after 2 days of battling the Tokyo subway system. Closing the gig was Knelt. They were nothing short of amazing and it's safe to say that it was definitely one of the highlights of our trip. The Cyberne guys were awesome hosts, brought us to, at least for me, my first proper Japanese meal. We had a blast laughing and hanging out.
Thank you Takuya-san and thank you Kenji-San for lending me your bicycle.
Thank you Sanoo-san for letting us play.
Thank you Knelt for the music and company.

Arigatou Shin-Osaka.

*Top pic: The venue
*2nd & 3rd from top: Knelt
*6th from top: Sanoo-san's practice session
*Last 2 pics: On the way back to Tokyo

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