Tuesday, May 27, 2008

You can do better.

Good morning folks.
Was stoked when I was asked if i could contribute some designs for the new Plain Sunset t-shirts, so i cooked those up last week or so. Practically grew up with these guys, so it's really awesome to be considered in contributing to the band's history. Hope that works out fine. Their new CD is out now, so grab it when you can. They've also been nominated for Best Singapore Band and Best Local Song at the power 98 singapore music awards. Show your love. The voting system sucks big time though. In order to have your votes submitted you HAVE to vote for the others. No 2 ways about it. It's quite unfair to the people voting. What if they're clueless about the other artistes or simply don't like any of their stuff at all? So what weight does the voting carry in this case? In other words, some fella might just win something out of inefficient administration and not by the choice of the voters. I'm sure a better system could be set up in place of the current one.

I doubt Ronaldo would leave United this season. I hope he doesn't. Would love it if he sees out his contract and build a legacy with the current team. Euro 08 is coming, and I was rooting for Scotland to make it through, but sadly they did not. So i don't know which team to look out for. Maybe Portugal, since they've got Christi and Nani there. And perhaps Holland so I could form my humble assessment on how that Huntelaar guy is. And Italy cos no one does drama better than them. Hah.

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