Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sun in an empty room.

The weather's brilliant. Keep it pouring. Keep it dark.
Ok it's not as dark anymore. Anyways.

I'm finally done with the Mono promotional stuff. Mainly the poster and ad. Added an extra element into the mix, hope it turns out ok. Hope that I'd be able to make big screened posters out of these illustrations, without the sponsor logos. That'd be really cool. The sponsor logos are in colour but i figured since the poster's just for show here, I'd put the black ones instead. The portrait one would probably be used for magazine ads. The landscape one will be used as the main poster to be placed in shops, etc.

The bottom 2 are animated banners for blogs, myspace, etc. I'd really appreciate it of you could place them on your blogs / myspace too. Like help to spread the word.

Thank you for your time
Drop shadows,
Not ______ .


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zul said...

i liked the weakerthans' reference!