Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Get lost.

There's too many black and white works up at the moment, so I thought of injecting some colour before posting one of the final installments of the MONO promotional packages, but the colours of the images I posted turned out really bad. I dunno why. I don't understand web graphics and how they work sometimes. It can be mighty annoying. Tried to upload another image but the connection or fucking something is being a cunt.

This one's a series of flyers to be put in stores, etc. Take one. Take more, and pass to your friends.

How is it possible to concede 7 goals. The Singapore national team lost to Uzbekhistan 7-3. Why. Why? I'm still furious over the fact that the FAS pulled out from the Malaysian Cup. Its been more than 10 years and I'm still bitter. Don't tell me to get over it, because you know you're just as bitter as I am.

Drop shadows,
Not goals.


1 comment:

Sheralyn said...

i think your graphic designs are the best stuff i've seen in a while!

it must be a pretty good feeling to see the posters plastered over the myspace site :) sense of achievement?

& wow the david sparkle tickets are really quite expensive!

- sheralyn