Monday, September 8, 2008

Among the dead we pray for height.

The last time I updated this blog was June 29th. Apart from my day job, things that have been in my mind include the packaging for Lunar Node's release, the art direction for Amateur Takes Control's new album, my annoyance with United's lack of strikers prior to Berbatov's signing and the banner art for Culturepush. The image above is an example of the art direction taken for the Culturepush banner, which i think is gonna be up in October (I might be wrong).

I had tonnes to talk about, but my body is aching for sleep now.

Later blader haters.


Michele said...

Yeah, the banner will be up in October and I love it! Michele

Anonymous said...

i love you xoxo

Anonymous said...

Now somebody up there already arh.

- it cuts

eduardo omine said...

I like the relationship between lines and spheres in this image; very nice.