Sunday, February 14, 2010

Do Androids Dream Of Catpower?

Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?
25th Nov 2009 – 1st Dec 2009
A series of artworks by 20 artists inspired by Bladerunner.
Curated by the super Steve Lawler.

The challenge on my part is to simplify the movie elements to its lowest denominator. Numbers used in these pieces represent some of the many figures involved with this movie.
The numbers used in this typographical
representation were signified as follows:
The year was the year the movie was made.
November 2019
The environment & time the movie was set in.
6. 15 million
Opening weekend gross. These figures became the core of this project.

A notion of time, past & present could be explored with these figures. An obvious comparison could be made between the pieces ‘1982’ & ‘November 2019’, which shows a difference of 37 years. A more interesting thought would involve the piece ‘6.15 million’ and its latter representation would be showcased as the exhibition itself. This time lapse measures the potential growth of the movie. Once considered as a disappointment in gross sales, (USD 6.15 million), Bladerunner, since then, has been regarded as an influential piece in contemporary culture and it has also been referenced in educational courses, which carries more critical weight then E.T. which dominated the box offices then.

The excerpt above was taken a zine I did to support the works exhibited. I've always liked the idea of the printed word and it was great to have mine out. Will take pictures of it and upload it here. It's also for sale at 5 bux per pop, and is printed on a very limited run. Thank you Steve for kindly inviting me to participate in this exhibition. It is much appreciated.


Good day folks. It's already Sunday. 2 more days till work beckons.
It's been a while since I've updated. Been busy with work, but I've managed to squeeze in some personal projects here and there. Namely there's the Berita Harian II exhibition curated by Zaki Razak where I was in charge of the art direction of its catalogue, etc. That was a great project, Zaki is great to work with. And the catalogue took the form of a newspaper. Which was super cool. I'll update with proper pictures. What else is there.. there's the Amberhaze t-shirt I did, which was cool too. And there's a photograph featured in KVLT magazine too. And there was Chan Marshall. Didn't do any projects for her though. But it was cool getting see her live albeit the distance from the stage to my seat.

Today feels like a Saturday some how. Thank you for reading.
Later blader hater.


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