Friday, April 16, 2010

Guide To Being A Hitchhiker.

Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy
14th April 2010
A series of artworks by artists inspired by the novel, Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy.
Curated by the general, Steve Lawler.

An intention to exhibit something different was on of the drives I had in illustrating this piece. The previous 2 exhibitions I participated utilized typography, so I thought of trying something different this time round.

What is perceived when one thinks about man's involvement with the galaxy would include heavily detailed vehicles that would facilitate space travel, or technical and accurate apparatuses to study the planets, stars, etc. My piece aims to highlight a visual contrast to this notion, and in some way, relate to the simplicity of our everyday life.

The illustration above is one of a street cleaning vehicle that clears leaves, thrash via the aid of its long tube. What is interesting about this is how foreign this machinery looks in comparison to the vehicles we see on the road, which we've come to understand and have a similarity in our mind. This slow moving cart, to me, translates the basic utility of function in a foreign form. Almost akin to the colossal vessels in space in its travels, albeit its difference in habitats of operations. But this vehicle in subject, is some what more relatable. Maybe because of its operation on the very ground we trek. Maybe because it serves a very simple function; to clean. And as us being humans, the prerequisite for living is reduced to the simplest denominator. That unfortunately many of us take for granted.

Later blader hater.

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